Mafia II Multiplayer


Since Aaron is currently too busy working on M2-Multiplayer or responding to our questions,
and the english forums is offline (looks like Aaron didn't pay his webspace provider)
we are not able to play anymore since the masterlist does not work.

I created some patched server and client files you can download here to be able to play again.
These are the original M2MP v0.1b RC2 files with a working master list.

Client Downloads:

M2MP Client (Click here to download)

To be able to receive the master list you have to replace the following file inside your M2MP install folder (not the Mafia II install folder),
mostly located under "c:\Program Files\Mafia 2 Multiplayer" (32-Bit OS) or
"c:\Program Files (x86)\Mafia 2 Multiplayer" (64-Bit OS)

Patched file (replace in M2MP install folder) (Click here to download)

Server Downloads:

These are the new patched server files:
Windows Server (Click here to download)
Linux Server (Click here to download)


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